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Dr. Helen G. Papaconstantinou and Partners Law Firm (HP&P) is an incorporated partnership of lawyers, registered with the Athens Bar Association under Nr. 80512 and is a member of the Greek Association of Law Firms. Its registered office is located at 2, Coumbari street, 10674 Athens, Greece.

VAT No.: EL 997166951
Our Attorneys at Law are all registered Members of the Athens Bar Association and practise under the Greek Lawyers’ Code, as currently in force.
Our European Patent Attorneys are additionally regulated by the Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (epi) and practise under the epi code of conduct.
Except as otherwise stated, references in the Legal Notice and on the website in general to “Dr. Helen G. Papaconstantinou and Partners Law Firm”, “Dr. Helen G. Papaconstantinou and Partners”, “HP&P Law Firm”, “HP&P Law”, “HP&P”, “we”, “us” and “our” are references to Dr. Helen G. Papaconstantinou and Partners Law Firm.
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This website provides general information about Dr. Helen G. Papaconstantinou and Partners Law Firm and does not constitute an advertisement of the relevant services. This website, and any articles and legal updates contained herein, is intended to provide information in respect of Dr. Helen G. Papaconstantinou and Partners Law Firm intellectual property services. Nothing on this website constitutes legal or other professional advice, and does not take into account individual circumstances. For advice in relation to any specific situation, please contact our specialist advisors.
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Last updated: June 2022